Dan Frese

VP of Recruitment

Senior in MIS (Management Information System), he is responsible for overseeing our recruitment.

dnfrese@iastate.edu | (708) 860-1828

of Triangle Fraternity

Brother Spotlights

Matthew Kinnander

External Vice President

Senior in Computer Science, he is responsible for all external chapter affairs including formal and social events.


Tyler Boell

VP of Finance

Junior in Materials Engineering, he is responsible for overseeing all of the chapter finances.


​​Meet the Executive Team

Meet the Brothers

Matthew Maschmann


Senior in Agriculture Systems Technology, he is the elected leader & representative of the chapter. 


​​Photo Gallery

Anthony House

Anthony is a senior in Software Engineering initiated into Triangle in the Fall of 2016. He has several years of coding experience including some time as a UI Designer for Campfire Games. He is now the CEO and lead engineer for his own start up company called  The Design GUIs where he helps others in the gaming community with Graphical User Interfaces.

Mitch Biehl

VP of Operations

Senior in Chemical Engineering, he is responsible for maintaining chapter documentation and alumni relations.


Kevin Oran

​Kevin is a senior double majoring in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. He was initiated into Triangle in the Fall of 2015. He's been involved in several student orgs and has taken leadership roles in nearly all of them; including the ISU Marching Band and the Cyclone Space Mining Team. He has also taken an internship at Rockwell Collins and works as a TA during the semester.

Michael Christoff

Internal Vice President

Junior in Materials Engineering, he is responsible for overseeing all internal chapter affairs.